Our Staff


Janet Koch

Chief Executive Officer


Andrea Rieger

Chief Financial Officer


Corey Lein

Principal, Levittown


Anna Cicciari

Principal, Syosset


Janet Henderson

Director of Human Resources


Janet Slade


Virginia Blum

Coordinator of Psychology

Amanda Schnorr

Transportation Coordinator

Lori Christianson

Coordinator of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Samantha Depra

Childcare Director, Levittown

Theresa Dunckley

Education Coordinator, Levittown

Rebecca Esquilin

Director of Family Center Respite Program
Coordinator of TA Training

Maria Freeman

Director of Family Services

Lenore Kahne

Coordinator of Speech Development

Georgia Kaitery

Coordinator of Evaluations

Susan Kennedy

Education Office Coordinator

Karen Lauda

Education Coordinator, Syosset and Child Care Director, Syosset

Laurie Librizzi

Coordinator of Nursing

Jill Marks

Education Coordinator, Levittown

Kerri Rose Okula

Education Coordinator, Syosset

Barbara Pirnat

Director of EI, SEIS Related Services & Evaluations

Sonia Puertas-Galleta

Program Director of UPK, Karopecyzc

Stacey Trotti

Assistant Director of Family Services

Cheryl Whiting

Education Coordinator, Syosset


Omar Cortes

Maintenance Coordinator


Phil Fasano

Senior Maintenance, Levittown

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