What VCLC Parents Say About Our School

I had lost track as it's been nearly 2 decades since we found Variety and guided our family to mainstream schooling. The results: a child (now adult) with a HS regents diploma concurrently with a 2 year Wilson Tech Graphic Design program, plus earning the rank of Eagle Scout. It was a life changer going from hearing what our son was doing wrong at pre-k pick up to what he was accomplishing at Variety. Talk about reducing parent stress knowing your child was in hands of people who understood and had the skills to match.
Michael Diaz, Parents of a VCLC student
“You stood by offering reassuring words and a gentle hand on my shoulder. You imparted light on a path that was unclear, and you led me to the belief that the road less traveled, does not mean the journey is without beauty.” Parent of a VCLC student
Parents of a VCLC student
From the first day…I knew we were in good hands. Many parents may regard swinging on a swing, riding a bike, or saying “Good Morning” everyday occurrences. We considered them small miracles. Thanks to your vision, and may we say genius,....VCLC…has helped our family more than you will ever know.” Parents of a VCLC student
Parents of a VCLC student
"Whatever my child learns at school becomes generalized at home. He tells me all about his day when he gets off the bus. His speech has become more intelligible, and he has increased his utterances. I would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for taking such good care of my baby! You are preparing him for kindergarten in ways that I cannot!"
Parents of a VCLC student

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